200€ Incl. VAT for your bilingual property ad. a web page dedicated to your property with up to 50 high quality professional photographs + For Sale Board - Your ad stays on until your property is sold

We are based in Jonzac 17, and run Solutions France. We help you sell your house privately (no agency fees or commission.) We build a website for your house, with 50 pictures and a full description of your house and the surrounding area (shops, schools & services). We create a video of your property, which we embed on your website, and launch on YouTube. Your website is then promoted in the appropriate price bracket on our bilingual network of sites:

www.FrenchHouses.co.uk & www.TopFrenchHouses.com (biggest sites for UK and Dutch buyers.)

The advert is professionally translated into English/ French, prices appear in £, $ and €.

We also provide you with a bilingual For Sale board, with details of your website & 'phone number.

For an example of an advert, click on www.SolutionsFrance.com/0115

There is one sole charge of 173€ inc. tax, valid until the sale of your property. There is no other charge whatsoever.

Please don't hesitate to contact us!

As publishers of this website we act in good faith in promoting businesses that have been recommended by you. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that information is genuine and up to date. We have no association with any of the businesses featured and we would advise that you undertake your own reasearch by checking with trades bodies and other relevant organisations with whome companies might be registered. If you can, seek independent references and exercise common sense in your dealings; ensuring that imporant matters are in writing and that payment terms are fair and reasonable. Under no circumstances are we implyng that businesses included in our listing are better than those not feaured by us.

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